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Giant Buzz Wire

Hold your nerve and keep a steady hand while trying to get to the end of our Giant Buzz Wire. The aim of the game is to move the wand from the start of the wire all the way along to the end without it touching, if you do you will hear a siren sound. The rules of the game are completely up to you but here are a couple of suggestions for this steady hand game:

Time Trial – Set a 45 second time limit to reach the end and keep note of the number of faults.
Ultimate Steady Hand – Get all the way to the end without touching the wire. 
No time limit – Is set but players only have 3 lives, set the alarm off a 4th time and its game over.

The game comes complete with a siren and flashing lights that display when the Buzz Wire has been touched so there’s no cheating allowed!

This steady hand game is great for exhibitions, galas and team building but also for many other events.

2.5m x 1m x 2.5m
8.2ft x 3.2ft x 8.2ft
(W x D x H)

We also have Table top Buzz wire for where space is limited