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Laser Hanger

With plenty of hiding places you can track down and tag your opponents with the laser beam from your gun, Excellent for team games or last man standing.

The laser shooting arena is 35x30ft and made from robust and fire retardant PVC, with no sharp edges and consists of nine interlinking tunnels which can be filled with fog to create a very exciting atmosphere.

The good thing about this system is it can be used outside the arena, so if you’re lucky enough to have a wooded area or similar this is the ideal fun packed adrenalin rush you have been looking for.

Suitable for age 8 years to Adults

Laser Bug for the Wee Ones

Measuring approximately 15ft by 25ft, the self contained arena fits into the average garden and is high enough for both kids and adults.

Constructed of 10 interconnecting chambers, the robust PVC can be operated in almost all weather conditions and creates a simple maze and has a bit more natural light