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Saloon Bar Shootout

A full-size realistic three-dimensional quick-draw game.

Our Saloon Bar Shootout features an illuminated bar themed cabinet, swinging saloon doors and a three dimensional gunfighter complete with robotic arm movement. Wild West gunfire, honky-tonk piano music and even Chopin’s Funeral March add to the authenticity of this fantastic and unique quick-draw game.

Two players stand in front of the saloon bar in the free-standing chaps, ready to draw their guns as soon as the saloon doors open. The DRAW sign at the top of the saloon bar illuminates when the doors open, revealing the gunfighter. Immediately each player has to draw his Colt 45, cock their gun and shoot the gunfighter. As each player shoots the gunfighter, they will hear the sound of gunfire and be greeted by the very distinctive music of the Funeral March. As long as the firing is directed at the gunfighter, the players’ times will be recorded on digital timers displayed on the top left and right hand side of the saloon bar. The player with the quickest time is the winner.

Whilst the game is not in use, western theme honky-tonk piano music will be played at intervals of 3-4 minutes to attract spectators and new players in the vicinity.

2.27m high x 1.74m wide x 0.6m deep (6ft 11in x 5ft 9in x 2ft).